Daily Routine and Timing

Daily Routine

Each day is planned around the needs and interests of every individual child, enabling each to develop at a rate that suits them. However, the overall structure and rhythm of the day remains the same, as routine contributes to a secure environment.
Each age group follows a different routine. Rooms are set up with age and stage of development as a priority. This focus enables children to explore, develop, learn and create in a way that is right for them. Our nursery staff knows each child thoroughly; as a result of play and through conversation with parents. We plan activities that will engage and interest each child, extend their skills and experience, and of course, ensures they have fun!
Wherever possible, we offer children the choice between playing indoors or outdoors. When the weather is too hot, time outside is carefully regulated or limited entirely.
Younger children are likely to need a sleep during the day. We will always endeavour to allow a child to sleep when they want to, and will also work with parents to establish a routine that suits the needs of the child. Rooms are set up to ensure all children can sleep within a quiet, peaceful, dedicated area. This means children can sleep when they need to and that we are able to supervise them more easily.


Our nurseries are open from 7.30 am with the option of collection at either 1 pm or 2 pm. There is also the option of extending through the afternoon after 2 pm. Children are not permitted to be left before 7:30 am and should be collected prior to your chosen collection time, unless you have booked for the Afternoon Programme. Please refer to our fees for penalties imposed for late collection. During Ramadan our hours are 8 am until 1 pm.
Please notify the office before 9 am daily if your child will be absent from Nursery. If any vacation is to be taken during the term, kindly notify the office in writing prior to leaving.
If your child is attending a 3 or 4 day programme, please make sure that you maintain your allocated days. This is important in ensuring that our maximum class numbers are not exceeded thus compromising our Safety Policy. If your child misses one of their regular attending days through illness or an unforeseen closure it will not be possible to take a ‘catch-up’ day.

Why Choose Chubby Cheeks Nursery

  • You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you child is having fun, learning and developing in a safe environment.
  • We will work closely with that you so you feel involved in your child’s experiences and development.
  • Chubby Cheeks Nursery represents the leading edge of great nurseries.