Activities, Assessment and Reporting

Class Activity Sheets and Feedback Forms

The early years are critical in a child’s development. Children develop rapidly during this time; physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
The children have differently designed, age appropriate activity sheets. This helps keep activities in range for children with differing age/ability/needs.
At the end of each month, an activity sheet is sent home with the child. If your child has been absent, some of the sheets will not have been completed. Teachers add comments to the activity sheets to inform parents of their child’s activities and achievements over the week.

Toddlers Class

No activity sheets are used in the Toddlers classes. Each child has a weekly overview of activities which is sent home to parents at the end of each week. Children in the Toddlers classes are introduced to Jolly Phonics through the Jolly Phonics song.

Pre-nursery Class

Pre-nursery class activity sheets will start to introduce the phonic sounds of letters and help practice the child’s pencil grip and pencil control.
Children are also introduced to Circle Time in the Pre-nursery classes. This allows children to discuss a topic. All chilren are encouraged to contribute.

Nursery Class

The Nursery activity sheets will help children to build on their understanding of the Jolly Phonics learning programme. They will add more pencil control practice with number/letter formation sheets and dot to dot sheets. The ‘Hands On Learning’ sheet is a practical activity for the children to participate in with the teacher.
It covers different areas of maths; spatial relationships, classication, exploration of materials, patterning, 1-1 correspondence, ordering and numeration.This is a great way for the children to explore these important subjects in a ‘learning through play’ format.
All Nursery classes have ‘Circle Time’ each day where all the children come together with their teacher to talk about current projects and the topic of the month. Whilst the teacher will initiate discussions, all the children are encouraged to contribute. It is very good for the children to practice expressing themselves, especially in a group, as it boosts their self esteem.

Reporting and Assessment

We have formal progress reports once each year, at the end of the Summer term.
There is ongoing observation and assessment throughout the year where teachers record a child’s cognitive and physical development.
These assessments are kept in each child’s personal portfolio and parents are welcome to come in and view these.

All Classes

Please remember children at the nursery are still very young and what might not look like much to us will be in their mind a masterpiece.
The curriculum sheets we are using have been planned and created with the developmental norms for this age in mind.
What comes home on the sheet is simply a fraction of what has been covered, discussed, explored and absorbed by the children.
The children are encouraged to be proud of their own work. The teachers will support the child in their work but not do the work for them. Any arts and crafts work that comes home will have minimal adult input.

Why Choose Chubby Cheeks Nursery

  • You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you child is having fun, learning and developing in a safe environment.
  • We will work closely with that you so you feel involved in your child’s experiences and development.
  • Chubby Cheeks Nursery represents the leading edge of great nurseries.